The Basics - Information for The Fertility Tracker
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Fertility Tracker with 44 page booklet and email support. $44.95


The Fertility Tracker is lightweight, fits in your purse on your night stand.

The Fertility Tracker is only 6" high and is a stand alone product without needing to plug in or connect to anything.

The Fertility Tracker has 1 switch and a focus kno making it easy to operate.  Nothing complicated.

The Fertility Tracker has 100X magnification (twice as strong as lipstick models).  A stronger magification helps you to spot your fertile days long before the competition sees them coming. 

The The Fertility Tracker does not come with only a fold out tri-fold brochure but with a full 44 page booklet of information covering more than just ferning.

Also unlike other saliva ferning  products, The Fertility Tracker comes with six (6) reusable acrylic slides in a slip case allowing you to "revisit" past days and compare the results.  This is very important to those who are insecure about remembering what previous days looked like.

This is something that can not be done with the lipstick models, which have only one small permanent slide.  

The Fertility Tracker is NOT expensive.  There is certainly something to be said for the expensive fertility monitor models like the OvaCue, which we also carry in our store, but if $289 for an OvaCue monitor is not in your budget the The Fertility Tracker  is the best thing in ovulation prediction.

Close-up of a saliva fern Fertile ferning pattern
This is a close up of an actual fern. This may likely be your pattern if you are ferning (fertile). This is why it is called ferning.
See samples of other ferning you might see, in our booklet that comes with the The Fertility Tracker.
The Fertility Tracker is only $44.95.  It costs only a little more than the lipstick microscopes with 2x the power and 6 slides instead of the permanent slide attached and is only about 1/7 of the cost of OvaCue Fertility Monitors. 
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  • Saliva Ferning Fertility Method; highly accurate
  • 100X Illuminated Power Microscope
  • Aids in fertility detection
  • Aids in natural family planning
  • Includes personal email support to help you with interpretation of the slides.
  • Tracks oestrogen patterns
  • No urine or chemicals are collected. 
  • No more monthly OPKs to purchase.
  • Lasts for years to come; replacing only AA batteries occasionally.
  • Does not require electricity; great for travel.

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